Know Me More, It’s Amor!


Hello, I’m Amor. A sixteen year-old aspiring ( and soon-to-be ) psychologist and psychology professor, New York Times Bestselling author and professional football player.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know how to start this one because I tend to talk and write a lot and I forget what I’m supposed to write, so if I ever miss anything that you want to know about me, you can always message me thru my social media accounts which is linked down below.

First off, I started reading at a young age ( around 7 ) and started collecting books when I turned 12. I also started writing essays and short stories when I was in 3rd grade and I suck at Mathematics, big time.

I’m currently in 11th grade at Araullo University – PHINMA, taking up the Humanities and Social Sciences track.

I’m an ambivert, and I love listening to Alina Baraz, Melanie Martinez, Foster the People, Arctic Monkeys and The Chainsmokers. When I’m in the mood, I listen to Trap Nation, Fetty Wap, Eminem, G-Eazy and Little Mix. I listen to a music that depends on my mood, I know I’m not the only one, but still. *laughs

I’m allergic to bullshit and fake people but I promise you I’m good. Although I’m not really friendly when I’m in a bad mood, so I usually refrain myself from opening messages or talking to anyone when I’m in a bad mood.

I am a:

nyctophile ; selenophile ; pluviophile ; ceraunophile ; thallasophile

I am weirdly obsessed over:

ice cream ; lasagna ; Harry Potter ; The Walking Dead ; Sebastian Stan ; Neymar Jr. ; Twitter , Bookstagram & WeHeartIt ; pens and stationaries

My happy places are:

deserted libraries and cafes ; bookstores ; Wattpad ; Baguio

I am a huge awkward person and I don’t know how to start a conversation, especially with new people, because I get anxious a lot. I overthink and worry too much and I distract myself by writing book reviews or stories and/or reading books or in Wattpad. But the funny thing is I like meeting new people and making friends, I just don’t know how to. So please please please do message me or just leave a comment because I would appreciate it very much!

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy and love my Blog and I hope that my Bio gives you a “simple” introduction to who I am. If you have any questions or just wanna be friends, feel free to message me! 🙂

I would also love and appreciate your criticisms and suggestions because they will seriously help me to make this blog better and would motivate and inspire be so much! So feel free to say voice out your opinions thru commenting, but if it’s quite confidential or sensitive, you can message me about it.

REMINDER: HATE is not allowed in my Blog or any social media accounts. It’s not so hard to be nice, right? ^.^

So, thank you again. I hope you like this!

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My blog and other social media accounts (Instagram & Snapchat) all have “… with amor” in the end, right? The reason behind this is because:

AMOR means LOVE in Spanish, correct?

My social media accounts means a lot to me because I get to meet new people and learn so many lessons and advice from my idols and I wanted to make my accounts special and interesting. So basically, it all means:

BLOG: blog with amor ; blog with love

INSTA: read with amor ; read with love

SNAP: snap with amor ; snap with love

The reason I did this is because I also wanted to show how much I do my hobbies with love and passion. ❤

I hope you understand. He he!

Thank You


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